The PulseRider®

Image1bThe PulseRider® has an open cell frame.  The unique frame configuration opens to conform to the vessel walls.  The PulseRider is specifically designed to resolve the shortcomings of current endovascular devices by preserving luminal patency and hemodynamic flow through the parent vessel bifurcation, while minimizing exposed metal in order to encourage early endothelialization  while  securely retaining embolic agents within the aneurysm sac.

The PulseRider is delivered through commercially available microcatheters using standard endovascular techniques. The implant is retrievable and may be repositioned by retracting it into the microcatheter at any time during or after deployment (prior to detachment). The implant is designed with an open frame to maintain luminal patency. It is deployed at the parent vessel bifurcation and across the aneurysm neck to provide a support framework, bridging the aneurysm neck while retaining embolic agents within the aneurysm.  The PulseRider is electrolytically detached from the delivery wire.