The PulseRider® is specifically designed to resolve the shortcomings of current endovascular devices by preserving luminal patency and hemodynamic flow through the parent vessel bifurcation, while minimizing exposed metal in order to encourage early endothelialization while securely retaining embolic agents within the aneurysm sac.

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The PulseRider®

The PulseRider® has an open cell frame. The unique frame configuration opens to conform to the vessel walls. The PulseRider is specifically designed to resolve the shortcomings of current endovascular devices.

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Platform Technology

Pulsar Vascular is pursuing additional products that leverage the core technology and advantages of the PulseRider® platform leaving little to no metal structure in the parent artery.

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A New Treatment Option

The PulseRider® is a self expanding nitinol implant designed for the treatment of complex aneurysms. This new device provides an endovascular option to patients and physicians previously not available. The PulseRider acts as a neck bridge for wide neck aneurysms arising at or near a vessel bifurcation.

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Pulsar Vascular Receives CE Mark Approval For PulseRider®

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Pulsar Vascular, a leading innovator in neurovascular technology, today announced it received European CE Mark approval for its lead product, the PulseRider®. This unique implant is used to bridge the neck of cerebral aneurysms previously not amenable to endovascular therapy. This new device is implanted via standard, minimally invasive, endovascular techniques thus providing an alternative treatment option to open surgery.